We sell our pork in boxes, ideal for the medium sized freezer. A box weighs approx 8kg although final weight depends on the season and the type of joints in the box.

Our pork boxes are currently available from July to October, but we are aiming to have a year round supply in 2012. We are also making our own salami working with The Cotswold Curer.

A Typical Pork Box

An 8kg box will typically contain the following:

  • 1 leg joint – ideal for the Sunday roast or ham
  • 1 belly joint – an excellent slow roast
  • 1 collar joint – a delicate roast
  • 8 pork chops – perfect for the BBQ
  • Pork sausage – the classic banger

Price: £69

Available: July – October

One of our meat boxes
An advertising board at Conygree Farm

Please note that box contents may vary slightly from the above. Other joints are available on request.

Contact us to place an order.


Our pigs are free to roam in small groups around their paddocks 24 hours a day. They love to dig for roots and graze the grass, wallow in mud and sleep in their purpose built pig arcs. They are fed greens (apples, sweetcorn, veg peelings, etc) with their pig nuts. We do not intensively rear our happy pigs.


Our pork is not only great tasting but it is also great value. Although we do not aim to compete on price with the cheaper supermarkets or imported pork products you will find our price more than matches other quality products on the high street.


We believe we raise our animals to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. For more information visit Quality Assurance.


All our pork is hung for a minimum of eight days to allow the meat to mature and tenderise before being jointed and packed by a local master butcher.


Our butcher uses a traditional cure for bacon, hams and gammon, and a simple spice mix for the sausages.


Many people agree pork from traditional breeds raised on a natural foraged diet is better than anything they have ever tasted. Our customers certainly think so. A good amount of fat and marbling is crucial to the taste.