We sell boxes of Traditional Hereford beef ready for the oven or freezer. Boxes include a mix of popular Sunday joints (e.g. a topside, silverside or top rump), slow roasts (e.g. brisket) and some delicious sirloin or rump steak. They also contain diced beef and mince.

We can vary the boxes to suit your needs working with our butcher to prepare any special cuts as desired. However, we recommend our most popular boxes as follows:

The Conygree Beef Box

  • 2.5kg of roasting joints (2 joints)
  • 1.5kg sirloin or rump steak (3 packs of 2)
  • 1.0kg brisket joint
  • 1.0kg braising steak
  • 1.0kg diced beef
  • 1.5kg mince

Minimum weight: 8.5kg

Price: £100

The Small Conygree Beef Box

  • 1.5kg of roasting joints (1 joint)
  • 1.0kg sirloin or rump steak (2 packs of 2)
  • 1.0kg diced beef
  • 1.0kg mince

Minimum weight: 4.5kg

Price: £55

Please note that box contents may vary slightly from the above.

In addition you can add the following special cuts to any of the boxes (although supply is limited):

One of our meat boxes

Traditional Hereford cows with their calves

One of our meat boxes

Traditional Hereford calves

Contact us for availability and prices.


Our beef is not only great tasting but it is also great value. Although we do not aim to compete on price with the cheaper supermarkets or imported lamb products you will find our price more than matches other quality products on the high street or on the web. Buying a box is the cheapest way to fill the freezer.


All our animals are reared to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. The farm is managed organically, assured by Organic Farmers & Growers, and the majority of our land is in the Environmental Stewardship Scheme to benefit farmland birds and wildflowers. Our beef cattle graze the wildflower meadows here at Conygree all year, maturing naturally at around 28 months old. For more information visit Quality Assurance.


All our beef is dry hung for 28 days to allow the meat to mature and tenderise before being jointed and packed by a local butcher.


Many people agree beef from traditional breeds raised on species rich grassland is the best they have ever tasted. Our customers certainly think so. A good amount of fat and marbling is crucial to the taste.


Research has now shown that meat from slower growing animals which graze on species rich grass is higher in healthy Omega 3s than meat from intensively reared animals.